Entertaining Oasis in Moss Vale

This large hardwood deck has provided the happy Homeowners with a glorious 70 square meters of covered outdoor entertaining space.

Over half a kilometer of Spotted Gum decking boards (and 3000 screws) were required to dress this structure. The A-frame roof trusses, clad with tinted poly-carbonate roofing, enhance the feeling of being outside, while at the same time being sheltered from the elements.

The addition of the feature lighting and open fireplace creates a warm and relaxing space to host gatherings all year round. The ultra-thin handrail and 3.2mm stainless steel balustrade wire allow almost unobstructed views across the lush horse paddocks to the east.

20 liters of birch white paint was used on the 200+ lineal meters of veranda frame timbers to match the colour scheme on the house.

The decking frame used over-spec timbers that are more resistant to movement over time than timber graded to ‘just do the job’. This gives the structure a solidness that will stand the test of time.


Sections like these recessed steps were crafted to add visual excitement while providing elegant access around the deck.

The 11 A-frame trusses were hand cut and pattern assembled on site as these images show, and a small mobile crane system used to hoist them into position on the beam one by one. All of this was a great experience, and fun challenge to problem solve on the fly when issues (invariably) arise during a project.

All in all, a fabulous project that I was stoked to be involved with and I am thrilled with the result. As are the Homeowners.